Committee details

Finance & Governance Cabinet Advisory Board

Purpose of committee

Each Cabinet Advisory Board will have the following general responsibilities:

1.    Consider and where necessary make recommendations on all key and non-key decisions to be taken by Cabinet that fall within the remit of the Cabinet Advisory Board.

2.    Assist and advise the Cabinet in the development of the Policy Framework issues that fall within the remit of the Cabinet Advisory Board.

3.    Assist in the development of Cabinet decisions within the remit of the Cabinet Advisory Board that require wider member involvement.


Cabinet Advisory Boards will have the power to:

1.    Request members of the Cabinet and officers to attend before it to answer questions.

2.    Question and gather evidence from any person (with their consent)

3.    Co-opt expert individuals on a non-voting basis to assist their work.


The remit of the Finance and Governance Cabinet Advisory Board includes all executive functions within the following areas:

·         Finance and the budget

·         Governance

·         Risk Management

·         Business Continuity

·         Strategic Compass

·         Sustainable Community Strategy

·         Equalities

·         Communication & Engagement

·         Transparency

·         ICT

·         Property and Asset Management

·         Regeneration



Contact information

Support officer: Mark O'Callaghan. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

Phone: (01892) 554219

Email: mark.o'


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