Outside Bodies

Holmes (Southborough) Foundation


Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:

To provide bursaries for young men and women living within the locality to pursue some form of Higher Education.

Role and responsibility of the Council representative

eg. Observer, Trustee, Board Member, Observer


What does the Organisation hope to achieve through the relationship?

To assist in short-listing and interviewing candidates and to administer the Trust fund in accordance with the Trust Document.

How often are the meetings held, venue and time?

The Trustees meet twice a year.  In addition a meeting to short-list candidates and another to interview applicants undertaken by 2 or 3 Trustees as agreed.

What skills/experience/interests would be desirable from the Council’s representative?

Interest in education/social awareness.

What arrangements are in place to indemnify board members against the risk of personal liability?


Any other information the Organisation wishes to add


The Charity is a Christian Foundation, although bursaries are offered to men and women of all faiths or of no faith.  The representative should be sympathetic to the views of the Foundation.


Contact information

Mr E J Fowle

Our representatives


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