Decision details

Local Development Scheme (LDS): Update

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning

Decision status: Decision Made

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


This report sets out details of an updated Local Development Scheme (LDS). The LDS sets out details of the planning policy documents that the Council has adopted, is presently preparing and those that it intends to prepare, including those which form the Development Plan. It is intended to provide information to local residents and other interested parties to help them participate in the plan-making process. It gives details about:

-       The documents the Council will be preparing;

-       The subject matter and geographical area to which these documents relate; and

-       The timetable for their preparation and adoption.

The LDS will update and replace the current LDS dated October 2021. The LDS update (December 2023) taking effect, is dependent upon the decision of Full Council on 13 December 2023, on the new Local Plan and the Council’s response to the initial findings of the Local Plan Examination Inspector. 


RESOLVED – That the Local Development Scheme (December 2022) as shown in Appendix A comes into effect from 14 December 2023 and be published on the Council’s website be approved.

Reasons for the decision:

To provide interested parties with clear information on the scope and timetable for the production and adoption of the new Local Plan, RTW Town Centre Plan and SPD’s, including the timetable for public engagement in the preparation of the RTW Town Centre Plan and SPDs.  The scope of these documents is considered to be the most appropriate given the wider Local Plan policy requirements, with the timetable considered to be the optimum balancing process of the Local Plan and particularly the indications of certainty of soundness to be provided by the Inspectors report (expected summer 2024), with the need to produce the documents promptly given the timescales for delivering the strategic sites and framework for RTW town centre.

Alternative options considered:

Do nothing – This would mean that progress on the Local Plan would not follow the Local Plan timetable set out in the current LDS (October 2021), meaning that local residents, statutory agencies, businesses, landowners, developers and the Planning Inspectorate would not have up-to-date information on the progress/production of the new Local Plan.  This would be a significant risk at Examination, which requires production of the Local Plan to follow a published LDS.  Furthermore, there would be consequential effects on the production of the RTW Town Centre Plan and SPDs.  This would be contrary to best practice, legislation and national planning practice guidance.


Update the LDS but propose a different programme and scope of the planning policy documents.

Interests and Nature of Interests Declared:

No conflicts of interest were declared by any Member who was consulted in respect of this decision.

Publication date: 13/11/2023

Date of decision: 13/11/2023

Effective from: 21/11/2023

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