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Consultation on Draft Local Plan 2016 - 2036 (Regulation 18) and Sustainability Appraisal


The Chairman advised that there was a public speaker.  Mr Tom Adam had registered to speak on behalf of both the Save Capel Campaign Group and Capel Parish Council.  He spoke to raise objections to matters contained within the agenda report and appendices in respect of the Draft Local Plan.


Councillor Sean Holden, Borough Councillor for Benenden & Cranbrook had given notice of wishing to speak both as Borough Councillor and as the Kent County Councillor for the Cranbrook Division. He spoke to object to the principle and process relating to the preparation of the Draft Local Plan and its impact on local people and landscapes.


Councillor Rodney Atkins, Borough Councillor for Paddock Wood (East) had also given due notice and spoke to raise objections on specific matters included within the Draft Local Plan in relation to Paddock Wood.


At the request of the Chairman, Mr Baughen, Head of Planning provided an introduction and update to the agenda report.  He also responded to the principle matters, raised by Castle Planning on behalf of the Save Capel Campaign Group in their letter to members of the Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Committee.  Mr Baughen confirmed that a more detailed and comprehensive written response would also be sent direct to Castle Planning.   Mr Baughen additionally clarified  issues raised by the speakers and responded to questions from members of the Committee resulting from their discussions on subjects including:

·         The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) updated 2018 and 2019;

·         Government guidance issued, objectively assessed need and the use of 2014 household growth projections;

·         Infrastructure, processes and timescales involved in the preparation of a new Local Plan;

·         Regulation 18 and Regulation 19 consultations;

·         Duty to co-operate with other local authorities, previous and forthcoming consultation events across a range of stakeholders;

·         New development management policies to help address repeated member concerns relating to affordable housing, viability and parking;

·         Policy AL/PW 4, open space and flood risks; and

·         The extent of minor modifications proposed to be delegated to the Head of Planning (for agreement with the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation)

Mr Scully responded to a question on the quality of agricultural land.  Members of the committee provided their views and comments and confirmed the extensive participation of members of the Council in the process to date.


The Chairman referred members to page 3 of the agenda and members unanimously agreed the recommendations as read out in full from page 19 of the report.  It was further clarified that the consultation on the Draft Local Plan would not commence until 20 September 2019, subject to approval by Cabinet on 15 August 2019.  It was also clarified that any public representations, already made, would have to be re-submitted after 20 September if they were to be considered as part of the consultation responses.




That the Cabinet Advisory Board support the recommendations in the report.

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