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Zone A Permit Parking Restrictions

The recommendation that the Board endorses the proposal parking restrictions in the Zone A area of Tunbridge Wells.


Nick Baldwin, Senior Engineer TWBC introduced the report that recommended  the endorsement of the proposal to amend permit parking restrictions in Zone A area of Tunbridge Wells and included the following matters:


-       The report included 2 specific issues, the inclusion of Rodmell Road and the addition of an afternoon hour long restriction in the Claremont Road area.

-       The Council had been made aware of parking concerns on the lower part of Warwick Park.  TWBC undertook a survey, carried out at different times of the day and found that spaces were available on every occasion. 

-       The proposed restrictions were considered to be a measured response to the concerns raised.

-       It was recognised that the introduction of these restrictions may result in parking pressures in other areas, but by undertaking a staged approach, TWBC would be able to monitor the situation and review as necessary.

-       The afternoon restriction proposed in the Claremont Road area would alleviate the problems of long term parking by non residents. 


Ms Nicola Merrett (Buckingham Road resident) had registered to speak, which included the following comments:


-       In favour of the additional proposed parking restrictions but would like the Council to consider further restrictions.

-       The road was next to Grove Park and only a few minutes walk to the High Street and The Pantiles making it very attractive for non residents to park.   

-       The road had many residents with young families that needed to park close to their property.  There was no guarantee that any parking would be available after 11am in the morning.

-       There were also issues of spaces being taken by residents of other roads where permits were over subscribed.  

-       The road was a no through road and very narrow, only one car width wide. This resulted in damage to parked cars when others were trying to turn around.  It also resulted in cars being blocked in.

-       Cars were also known to park on the double yellow lines, which also resulted in severe access issues into and out of the road.

-       Non residents should use the car parks available. 

-       The roads surrounding Buckingham Road had much stricter parking restrictions and it was unclear as to why Buckingham Road was not treated the same.


Tony Pawson, Chairman of the Warwick Park Area Residents Association and speaking on their behalf had registered to speak which included the following comments:


-       The inclusion of Rodmell Road was very welcome but residents were still looking for wider restrictions to be introduced in the area.

-       The report suggested that further restrictions could be considered at a later date but it was felt that this was not enough of a commitment.

-       Residents at the lower end of Warwick Park were blighted to such an extent that they had started to dig up their front gardens in order to create their own parking provision.

-       The introduction of off street parking and the associated drive ways would result in the loss of on street parking spaces.

-       The residents were keen to see if the new limited restriction ameliorated the problem and looked forward to a review in due course.


Discussion included the following comments:


-       A review would be important to establish what had worked and whether the new restrictions had moved the parking problems to another area.

-       TWBC confirmed that reviews of restrictions were undertaken on a regular basis.


RESOLVED - That the Board endorsed the proposal to make a traffic regulation order which adds to and amends the restrictions in the Zone A permit parking area as detailed in the report.


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