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Proposed Electric Vehicle Charging Bays: Mount Pleasant Road (for information only)

To note the results of the public consultation exercise in respect of proposed electric vehicle charging bays in Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells.


Nick Baldwin, Senior Engineer TWBC introduced this report for information only, that noted the results of the public consultation exercise and subsequent making of the necessary traffic regulation order to introduce to  2 EV charging bays on Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells.


Adrian Berendt, Chair of the Town Forum had registered to speak and made the following comments:


-       The Town Forum had not been aware of the consultation.

-       The bays should not be provided on Mount Pleasant which was part of the Public Realm.

-       Charging points should be located in either car parks or on side streets.

-       The technology associated with electric charging was also raised as a potential issue.


Phil Munslow, Tunbridge Wells Bicycle Users Group (TWBUG) had registered to speak and made the following comments:


-       TWBUG prioritised walking and cycling in Tunbridge Wells and supported by improved public transport.

-       Against the siting of charging points in precious Public Realm space.  Especially as there were 2 electric charging points in the Great Hall car park that were not being used.

-       Not convinced that taxi drivers would be incentivised enough to change their vehicles.

-       It was noted that none of the consultees commented on the location of the charging points, they were more concerned about the speed of the charging.

-       TWBUG believed that Mount Pleasant should be protected and there was much better uses for this space.


Discussion included the following comments:


-       It was noted that the Report was for information only.  A public consultation was undertaken with no objections and as such no endorsement by the JTB was required. 

-       When TWBC was notified by Kent CC that funding was available it included a request for suitable locations for electric taxi charging facilities.  It seemed appropriate to suggest a location that was closest to where the main taxi destination was i.e. Tunbridge Wells station. 

-       The footway on Mount Pleasant Road was very wide so the charging point could be sited away from the main thoroughfare. 

-       The 2 Bays would consist of one for taxi’s the other for general use.

-       A progression towards the use of electric vehicles would require a considerable number of charging points, it was likely therefore that this was the start of a potentially much larger installation process.

-       There seemed little thought in the process other than money had been made available so it was used.  The issue needed to be considered holistically rather than piecemeal. 

-       There was no charge by TWBC for parking in one of the bays.  The charging element would be undertaken by a private enterprise, as such neither TWBC or Kent CC would receive any money for this. 

-       Concern was raised that there would be no monetary benefit to the Council.  Money that could be used for improvements in other areas. 

-       Investment had to be considered against advancements in technology.  Would these charging points become redundant in the not too distant future.

-       Consideration should be given to offering free parking for those who used electrical charging points.

-       Concern raised whether there was the capacity to deliver the amount of electricity required for an increased use.

-       Hydrogen cell and kinetic technology may be the way forward.

-       The price of electric cars was an issue.

-       Phase 3 of the Public Realm project included turning Mount Pleasant into a Boulevard – with pedestrians as a priority rather than cars.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.








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