Agenda item

Highway Works Programme

To consider the proposals set out in the report.


Julian Cook, Tunbridge Wells District Manager at Kent CC introduced the Highways Works Programme  that provided an update on the works scheduled for  2020/2021 financial year and some of the works proposed for 2021/2022 financial year.


Discussion included the following comments:


-       The surface treatment sites for 2021/22 had not been included but would be available at the next meeting.  Details would also be available shortly on the Kent County Council website.

-       Confirmation was requested regarding that the £600k funding for the A26 cycle way was still available.  Kent CC didn’t have the latest information available but said they would revert after the meeting.  Following the meeting, Kent CC were able to provide the following information ‘ The local growth fund manager at Kent CC is currently working on an agreement in principle to have the available funds in question transferred directly to TWBC so that they, alongside TMBC can continue to explore options for appropriate infrastructure between the two town centres.’

-       The zebra crossing on London Road was very welcome. 

-       A pedestrian crossing at the Church Road, London Road junction was desperately needed.  Due to the presence of steps on the northern side, the crossing was inaccessible to wheelchair users and those using prams.  Following the meeting Kent CC confirmed that the SPD project manager had been informed. 

-       The failure to use red bricks when repairing pavements in the heritage areas was a concern.  The use of tarmac wasn’t appropriate.

-       Kent CC were proposing to bring a report to the JTB later in the year on the use of red bricks.  Some of the problems revolved around the presence of tree roots.  If the tree roots were large, it was not possible to use red bricks.  Tarmac was often used as a temporary measure until a permanent resolution could be found. 

-       Where new trees are planted, a tree pit was included so that the roots went down rather than across. 

-       The use of embossed pavements had been used by other Councils and had been trialled in other areas of Kent, whilst it looked good when first put down, it did not wear very well and within 12 months looked very unsightly. 

-       There had also been incidents of cars driving/parking on red brick footways.  Red bricks were never designed to take the weight of cars and this had caused them to break.

-       There was an ongoing issue with sink holes across the borough.  There had been a particular problem with sink holes in Pennington Road due to the presence of a water line that had been dripping continuously, causing erosion.  Southern Water had been called out numerous times and would be called in again.  Kent CC were aware of the sink hole on Holden Park Road which was now under investigation.

-       The cause of sink holes were often due to historic water leaks.

-       Members were very appreciative of the work undertaken by the Highways Team. 


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.






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