Agenda item

Fees and Charges Setting 2022/23

To consider and provide a recommendation to Cabinet on the proposals set out in the attached report.


Jane  Fineman, Head of Finance, Procurement and Parking introduced the report set out in the agenda.


Since publication of the agenda, it was reported that there was now provision to issue parking permits at the Torrington Road multi storey car park.  The proposed charges would be the same as for the other multi storey car parks, £1,050 for a 7 day permit and £840 for a 4 day permit. 


Discussion and questions from Members included the following:


-       New legislation meant fees received for local land charges searches income would be retained by the Central Government.  The Council retained responsibility for providing the service, but would now not receive the income it generated.  It would now go to The Land Registry.   

-       The LGA and Local Councils had made representation to retain the services and associated income but were not successful.

-       Potential new revenue streams included charging for bulky waste (TWBC were the only Council in Kent that still offered free collections), and permit parking at the Torrington Road car park.

-       Car parking charges were being held at the same levels as last year to support the town recover following the pandemic.  

-       The cost to either replace or maintain existing waste bins would be included as part of the revenue budget. 

-       The cost of new bins sold to developers for new properties were detailed as part of fees and charges. 

-       The £150 penalty for the unauthorised distribution of free printed matter was attributed to junk mail. 

-       There was a suggestion that an additional column could be included to show how the figures in Appendix D were divided e.g. daily rates, hourly rates, per event etc.

-       The Medium Term Financial Strategy (para 2.2 refers) was agreed at Full Council in February 2021 and was the working assumption at that time.  Circumstances had now changed and the economy had not recovered as quickly as previously thought.  The report had therefore reflected this, as would the Draft Budget. 

-       The Council were aware of the reduction in income at the Crematorium and were now looking to see where improvements could be made.  Staff shortages and the inability to recruit had also affected their ability to manage the competition.

-       In addition, the death rate in the first quarter of this financial year was significantly lower than the 5-year average.  The reason for this was due to lock down still being in place so people were not going out, but due to the vaccination programme, the deaths attributed to Covid had not occurred. The result being a much lower death rate across the Borough. 


RESOLVED – That the recommendations as set out in the report and including the additional recommendation for parking permits at the Torrington Road car park be supported. 

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