Agenda item

Highway Works Programme


Julian Cook, West Kent Highways Manager for Kent County Council introduced the report set out in the agenda.


Registered Speakers – Mr Paul Mason and Mr Saeed Malik.


Discussion and questions from Members included the following:

-       Members of the public wanting to complain about old lamp post/streetlight stumps were to report them directly to KCC as they should have been removed promptly.

-       In regards to footpath improvements, and specifically on the western side of St. John’s Road which was badly damaged by tree roots lifting the brickwork, KCC were aware of damage to redbrick paving across the town and specific areas of damage required a capital bid for improvement works, which KCC applied for. There was no current plans to relay the pavement in its entirety, as had happened on the eastern side, but this would be reviewed. Mr Cook did state he would look at St. Johns Road himself to assess the situation.

-       Mr Cook stated that at the next JTB meeting the report would include the commitments from KCC for the 22-23  financial year.

-       On the footway along Upper Grosvenor Road, Mr Cook did conduct a walk with Cllr James McInroy and as a result has put together a bid for the following financial year (2023-24) to conduct a slurry seal treatment over the tarmac path to fix the small defects along those sections, whilst maintaining the sections of brick pathways present. This would create a new pathway surface, rather than patchwork repairs.

-       Thanks were given to Julian for his work and patience listening to the concerns and coming out to walk the road himself.

-       In terms of Utility Companies digging up tarmac footways and creating trip hazards due to variable surfaces, a Street Works team would go out after works were completed to inspect the footway, but defects could occur some months after due to footfall, wheelie bins or cars. Mr Cook encouraged people to report the defects as there was as Guarantee period after the completion of works in which Utility Companies had to maintain the area to the required standard, or fix the defects at their expense. In addition, due to rollout of further broadband works, more KCC staff had been acquired to inspect the works and ensure the quality was satisfactory.  

-       Creating a dedicated sub-section in the Works Programme to the maintenance of Cycling paths and routes was to be looked into.

-       A bid for improvements to the path in Calverley Park Gardens was being put together for 2023-24, and Mr Cook would go and look at the markings and condition of the cycle paths.

-       Crash statistics involving cyclists was not available at the meeting, as this was dealt with by a separate team, but Mr Cook highlighted KCC’s Vision Zero targets and encouraged more reporting by residents and users. A request for an update on the Near Miss Register in future meetings was made, as well as potentially discussing driver behaviour, in terms of issues such as Holden Park Road turnings, as Police enforcement was not always possible or practical.

-       Members had a discussion regarding the recent revisions to the Highway Code.


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