Agenda item

Shared Prosperity Fund Investment Plan


David Candlin, Head of Economic Development and Property presented his report as per the agenda.


Discussion and questions from Members included the following:

              i.        It was advised that community led and based applications for projects were welcomed at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC), project ideas and proposals had been sought from Members, Parish and Town Councils and other stakeholders, and a significant number had been received.

             ii.        Project proposals received had been developed to meet the various key criteria of UKSPF and the themes identified by Government.

            iii.        Cabinet had selected the proposed interventions to meet the priorities set out in the focus on five.

           iv.        Thanks were given to David Candlin, Hilary Smith and James Read in Economic Development for the production of the report.

             v.        In terms of the timescale; it was acknowledged that it was a short time table from April to end of July however, subject to the approval of the Investment Plans by TWBC, the Investment Plan was scheduled to be submitted by the 1 August.

           vi.        The Government indicated that Investment Plans were scheduled to be signed off from October and a memorandum of understanding provided between the Government and TWBC for the money and interventions to be addressed.

          vii.        It was advised that between now and October there was a focus on putting processes in place so that at the point where the Government gave approval, some of the projects that had been loosely identified in the investment plan could be implemented.

         viii.        The Government had not issued all guidance and therefore there was a need for flexibility.


1.    That the recommendations to Cabinet as set out in the report be supported.

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