Agenda item

Application for Consideration - 21/03298/FULL Land Adjacent And 15 - 16 Eridge Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Planning Report and Presentation – The Head of Planning Services submitted a report in respect of application PLA8/22 Land Adjacent And 15 - 16 Eridge Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent and this was summarised at the meeting by Ms Jennifer Begeman Principal Planning Officer and illustrated by means of a visual presentation.


Updates and additional representation – Since publication of the agenda report, the presenting officers updated:



·         Page 59, Paragraph 10.58 – The date of the Site Investigation Report is 26 November 2021.

·         Page 66, Paragraph 11.0 – The fourth line of Recommendation (A), the date is 31 July 2022.

·         Page 72, Condition 13 – The fifth bullet point - delete “(1 condition for each block to aid discharge?)”


Reword conditions to read:

·         15) Electric vehicle charging points

Prior to commencement of development, details of electric vehicle charging points to be provided within the development shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved details shall be installed prior to the occupation of any unit. The  development shall be built in accordance with the agreed details, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: In the interests of sustainable development.


·         18) Measures to reduce noise pollution

This condition should be  “Prior to occupation” not “Prior to commencement


·         20) Hard and soft landscaping

Last sentence should state 5 years not 10 years “within a period of five years”


New planning condition 30 to read:

·         30) Disabled access apartments

“That prior to commencement, details shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority to show at least 1 apartment to be built to M4(2) standard, and at least one apartment to be built to M4(3) standard. The development shall be built in accordance with the agreed details, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

Reason: This information is required in order to ensure good quality design, and to ensure a satisfactory standard of development, which meets the needs of current and future generations.”



Registered Speakers – There was 1 speaker that registered in accordance with the Council’s Constitution (Planning Committee Procedure Rules)



Mr Matthew Jeal, on behalf of the applicant.


Matters of clarification by Officers and Committee Members’ questions to Officers included:

              i.        Officers advised that Kent County Council (KCC) Highways had accepted the view of the Planning Services related to the bus stop improvements and after discussions were supportive of the scheme as a whole.

             ii.        It was confirmed that the issues related to the car parking rear of Neville Terrace was a civil matter.

            iii.        It was advised that the petrol station was outside the control of the applicant, page 37 of the report highlighted KCC highways final comments on the report.

           iv.        It was confirmed that there were 44 parking spaces in total, 2 for the semis (one each), and 42 for the 40 apartments.

             v.        Paragraph 10.63 of report stated that the eight parking spaces used by Nevill Terrace residents will be retained and are shown hatched on the plans.

           vi.        The leased Nevill Crescent parking spaces did not form part of the 42 parking spaces for the apartments.

          vii.        The density of the development was discussed, and it was confirmed that it was within range of the site allocation local plan, and  towards the lower end of the range.


Committee Member debate and Officer clarification included:

              i.        It was felt that the scheme offered a good use of land and was sensitive to the landscape.

             ii.        Members acknowledged the narrow busy road and highlighted the possibility of the petrol station putting up boards that may obstruct the view.

            iii.        The location of M(3) and M(4) properties was discussed and this would be made clearer by the use of floor plans as part of a condition along with further discussion.

           iv.        Members were pleased to acknowledge the contribution to the Tunbridge Wells Commons Conservators and that the mitigations were acceptable by the Conservators.


Decision/voting – On the basis that members were satisfied that all relevant planning considerations had been covered within the report, a motion was proposed by Councillor Patterson seconded by Councillor Fitzsimmons and a vote was taken to approve the application in line with the officer recommendation.


RESOLVED – That application PLA8/22 be granted subject to the completion of a Section 106 legal agreement and the plans, conditions and informatives as set out in the agenda report and as shown above.

Supporting documents: