Agenda item

Determination of an application to vary the premises licence for The Barn, Flimwell House Farm, London Road, Flimwell.


Licensing Officer, Trevor Horner outlined the content of the report as per the agenda.


·        Members had no questions for Officers at that time.

·        The applicant was represented by their solicitor who made a statement and responded to questions raised.

·        Mr Thomas introduced their noise expert who provided Members with his report and responded to questions raised.

·        The Chair invited the Legal Officer to speak and ask questions of the applicant. The applicant and his solicitor responded to questions raised and agreed to suggested conditions related to the management plan.

·        The Chair invited other persons and their representatives present to make a statement and respond to questions raised.

·        The Legal Officer discussed and clarified suggested conditions.

·        The Chair invited the applicant, other persons and representatives to make their closing statements.

·        The Members of the Licensing Sub-Committee retired to discuss the application accompanied by the Council’s legal representative and the administrator for the meeting.

·        The hearing was reconvened and the Chair read out the Sub-Committee’s decision.


RESOLVED – That the premises licence be granted subject to the conditions outlined on the decision notice.


Supporting documents: