Issue - decisions

Goudhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan

02/12/2021 - Goudhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan


  1. That the independent examiner’s Report on the Goudhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan (GNDP) be noted and published.
  2. That the GNDP be modified in part, according to the examiner’s recommendations and following discussion with Goudhurst Parish Council be approved.
  3. That the Decision Statement at Appendix C and the decision to progress the GNDP as set out at Appendix D to referendum be approved (noting that the referendum area is Goudhurst Parish).
  4. That in the event the referendum result on the GNDP is positive with more than 50% of the vote, the Council formally makes the GNDP as set out in Appendix D so that it has effect as part of the statutory Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Area (Goudhurst Parish) be approved.




Approved Neighbourhood Plans become part of the development plan for the Borough and are a key document in the determination of planning applications that allow the local community to take responsibility for land use planning in their area.