Issue - decisions

PSPO Implementation of ASB Measures

14/04/2022 - PSPO Implementation of ASB Measures


1.    That an order to restrict fishing on the south and western side of Sherwood Lake to daytime only (7am to 7pm) and an alcohol restriction around the entire lake (Measure 4) be approved.

2.    That a late-night curfew requiring people to leave St John’s Park between the hours of 11pm and 5am (Measure 5) be approved. 

3.    That an order to implement a no loitering, gathering or partaking in unauthorised non-parking related activities requirement in the multi-storey car parks, with an express understanding that rough sleeping does not fall into any of the categories on any order imposed (Measure 6) be approved.



REASON FOR DECISION: Implementation of measures to protect and provide provision for enforcement would help alleviate and better address and control anti-social or unwelcome behaviour.