Issue - decisions

Response to Car Parking Consultation

23/09/2022 - Response to Car Parking Consultation



1.    Increase the prices for parking as stated in the Sales Prices, Fees and Charges Cabinet report 20 July 2022 (excluding Dunorlan Park) as soon as the necessary steps to implement the changes have taken place, with the exception of:

                                      i.        The free period for Yew Tree Road, Southborough and/or

                                     ii.        The free period for Paddock Wood


which will be maintained while other options for funding, including those suggested in the consultation, are explored. The Council will engage with Southborough Town Council and/or Paddock Wood Town Council to discuss funding the revenue foregone by retaining the current free parking periods, be approved.


2.    Cabinet agree for officers to commence an informal public consultation, seeking views on options to improve the amenity value of Dunorlan Park, including the introduction of parking charges, be approved.


REASON FOR DECISION: To bridge some of the £944,000 revenue budget deficit for 2022/23 and support the budget setting process for 2023/24, thereby protecting other council services.