Issue - decisions

Weald Sports Centre De-Carbonisation Works

27/10/2022 - Weald Sports Centre De-Carbonisation Works


1.       That the Council make additional funding available to demonstrate its intention to meet the SALIX requirement that the project did not proceed at risk be approved.

  1. That Cabinet agree to the addendum to the report and delegate to the s151 officer and Monitoring Officer, in agreement with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance to agree the final financial budget required to deliver the schemes, the completion of all necessary formalities and to identify the source of any additional funding, or terminate the schemes if no longer financially viable, be approved.
  2. That the interim Head of Mid Kent Legal Services be authorised to complete all necessary legal documentation and formalities to give effect to these recommendations be approved.


REASON FOR DECISION: To support the delivery of the Council’s ambition to make its own operations and services carbon neutral by 2030.