Issue - decisions

Pembury Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP)

27/07/2023 - Pembury Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP)



1.    That the independent examiner’s report on the Pembury Neighbourhood Development Plan (PNDP) at Appendix A be noted and published.


2.    That the PNDP be modified as set out in Appendix B be approved.


  1. That a decision to progress the PNDP as set out in Appendix C to referendum, and a Decision Statement as set out at Appendix D be approved. 


  1. That if the referendum result on the PNDP is positive, the Council formally makes the PWNDP as set out in Appendix C to be subsequently considered at a Full Council meeting, post referendum be approved.



REASON FOR DECISION:Approved Neighbourhood Plans become part of the development plan for the Borough and are a key document in the determination of planning applications that allow the local community to take responsibility for land use planning in their area.