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Memorial Playing Field Paddock Wood

We the undersigned petition Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to lobby Paddock Wood Town Council to reconsider their plans to build a Community Centre on the Memorial Playing Field

The PWTC Analysis scored Putlands as the equal top site for the proposed Community Centre.
The Parish Poll (held on 15 January 2019) advised The Memorial Playing Field is not the right site for the Community Centre.
There was an initial concept plan drawn up by Alan Legg of TWBC in 2015 by the Borough and PWTC to make Putlands into a multi-purpose Community and Leisure Centre.
The Paddock Wood Neighbourhood Plan states Protect and Enhance Green Space (not build on it).
The Borough needs to work with PWTC to save money. By enhancing what is available at Putlands the Borough should be able to save considerable subsidies that it currently makes in order to keep Putlands open purely as a Leisure Centre.

Started by: Jeremy Thompson (Friends of the Memorial Playing Field)

This ePetition runs from 06/01/2021 to 27/06/2021.

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