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STOP Sherwood Lake and Woodlands’ Wildlife Abuse

We the undersigned petition Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to instigate a clear and robust action plan in order to STOP Sherwood Lake and Woodlands’ Wildlife Abuse. This should include e.g.: signing on social rules (incl. fishing); regular rod licence checks; installation of CCTV cameras; regular attendance from the police; developing wildlife and nature awareness by programs in schools, regular community events etc.; and using feedback from residents on further actions.

Residents were not able to save a cormorant attacked by teenagers at Sherwood Lake on 31/12. The bird survived the first attack and was recovering with a damaged wing and a head injury. In the next few days members of the public had witnessed teenagers, who were carrying an air rifle around the lake and woodlands, as well as a man stating that cormorants are a nuisance as "they empty the lake from fish and leave nothing for youths who are fishing". The police had been called a few times, but as there was no evidence, when they attended, nothing was done. After another attack the bird stopped flying but was still able to hop and dive. RSPCA and Wildlife Rescue, along with a few determined members of public have been trying to catch the injured cormorant and bring it to safety. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, as the bird was too fast whenever they approached it. Sadly its dead body was noticed on the lake’s surface on 09/01. People who tried to save him do not believe it was because of the initial injuries, as the bird had been recovering, while its abusers were still around waiting to finish their act. There are other birds living at the lake, as well as animals in the woodlands and members of the public are concerned about their welfare too. There are also other antisocial behaviours at Sherwood Lake and in its surroundings, e.g., dirt bike and motorbike drives and jumps in the middle of woodland, noisy gatherings of teenagers, fly tipping, dumping rubbish etc. that require an urgent attention in order to protect the nature in our local area.

Started by: Ewa Koziol

This ePetition runs from 19/01/2021 to 18/03/2021.

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