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Promoting the creation of conditions for Ukrainian refugees to play sports

We the undersigned petition Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to Provide training facilities for playing sports and conducting training sessions, in particular football in Ukrainian.

The idea is to create a football club, the purpose of which will be to maintain the physical and mental health of Ukrainians in our Borough through sports and socialization. According to my personal observations and reviews from Ukrainians, most children find it difficult to quickly adapt to a new society, and even more so in sports, when teaching is not in their native language. In adolescence, it is important to develop day by day, week by week. I would like to create conditions closer to home, in which children, as well as their parents, would feel a bit more comfortable.

Started by: Oganez Safarov (Ukrainians in TWB)

This ePetition runs from 16/11/2023 to 15/03/2024.

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