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Keep Car Parks Free at Dunorlan Park

We the undersigned petition Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to keep both Pembury Road and Hall Hole Road car parks at Dunorlan Park free.

The Council is considering the introduction of parking charges in Pembury Road and Halls Hole Road car parks at Dunorlan Park which is not fair to the people who use this beautiful park as their recreational facility.

This fantastic park was a lifeline for many during COVID pandemic and still vital for those who want to enjoy open and fresh space.
Currently people enjoy their time and relax using this park without fear of parking , which is the core element of relaxing.

This park is used by many local groups such as Royal Tunbridge Wells Parkrun, Friends of Dunorlan park and many others who use this fantastic park for healthy activities .

If the parking charges at the both car parks are introduced it will have a huge impact on people's health as it might discourage people from using this fantastic facility .

It will also impact road safety on both Pembury and Hall Hole Roads by creating congestion as people will be parking along these roads to avoid parking charges or penalties.

By signing this petition you will be sending a clear message to the council that in the benefit of people's health and wellbeing KEEP BOTH CAR PARKS FREE

Started by: Nasir Jamil

This ePetition ran from 01/12/2022 to 30/01/2023 and has now finished.

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