Outside Bodies

Trinity Threatre and Arts Centre



Type of Organisation

eg Charity


Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:




To advance education in Arts and provide facilities in the interests of social and cultural welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation. In particular to promote Drama, Music, other Performing Arts and the Arts generally for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding neighbourhood.

To maintain, develop and manage a Theatre and Arts Centre and to co-operate with any other bodies in the maintenance and management of the Centre for of all activities promoted by the Company.

To maintain and preserve the listed building during the Company’s occupation of the building both for the immediate purposes of the objects of the Company and for the long term benefit of the inhabitants of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Role and responsibility of the Council representative

eg. Observer, Trustee, Board Member, Observer


What does the Organisation hope to achieve through the relationship?

To provide a working link between the Council and the arts and community facility and to offer a practical working relationship.

How often are the meetings held, venue and time?

One Full Board meeting per quarter, one sub-committee meeting each month.

What skills/experience/interests would be desirable from the Council’s representative?

Experience of voluntary sector and understanding of arts funding in England.

What arrangements are in place to indemnify board members against the risk of personal liability?

Full insurance policies for the theatre are in place and we are investigating the possibility of trustees indemnity insurance cover too.  Will advise when we know.

Any other information the Organisation wishes to add

We appreciate and enjoy the close working relationship we have with the Council – both these elected and officers.


Contact information

Website: http://www.trinitytheatre.net

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