Outside Bodies

Action with Communities in Rural Kent



Type of Organisation

eg. Charity


Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:

A registered charity which exists to improve the quality of life for local communities and to encourage the development of thriving, diverse and sustainable communities throughout Kent and Medway.

Role and responsibility of the Council representative

eg. Observer, Trustee, Board Member, Observer


What does the Organisation hope to achieve through the relationship?

To observe on behalf of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

An opportunity to understand the process and issues that rural communities have by participating and helping to shape community led planning and local needs housing.

How often are the meetings held, venue and time?

One per year, September usually in the afternoon. Other meetings if required more locally.

What skills/experience/interests would be desirable from the Council’s representative?

A knowledge of Rural policies and strategies and to be a rural advocate at local authority level.

What arrangements are in place to indemnify board members against the risk of personal liability?

None as no decision making is entailed.


Contact information

Website: http://www.ruralkent.org.uk

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