Outside Bodies

Tunbridge Wells Twinning and Friendship Association


Type of Organisation

eg Charity


Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:





To seek and develop the bonds of friendship between citizens of Tunbridge Wells and the citizens of any other town seeking cultural, social, sporting and business links with our borough.  To assist the Borough of Tunbridge Wells to fulfil the objectives of the Twinning Charter with Wiesbaden in Germany and generally creating opportunities for echanges in a variety of fields such as youth, music, and sports. 

To seek the cooperation and the exchange of information with other organisations in our geographic locality who have similar aims.

Role and responsibility of the Council representative

eg. Observer, Trustee, Board Member, Observer


What does the Organisation hope to achieve through the relationship?

To further the objectives of the Tunbridge Wells Twinning and Friendship Association.

How often are the meetings held, venue and time?

Normally the 4th Monday of each month commencing at 7.30pm. 

What skills/experience/interests would be desirable from the Council’s representative?

Knowledge of Tunbridge Wells international links especially with Wiesbaden; sharing aims of the Association.  No training /induction at present, but the representative would be fulled briefed.

What arrangements are in place to indemnify board members against the risk of personal liability?



Contact information

Website: http://www.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/residents/community/twin-town

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