Outside Bodies

William Strong Foundation


Type of Organisation

eg Charity


Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:

To assist university and college students, apprentices and applicants in secondary education, resident in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Southborough, by awarding of grants towards fees, maintence costs and the cost of books and equipment.

Role and responsibility of the Council representative

eg. Observer, Trustee, Board Member, Observer


What does the Organisation hope to achieve through the relationship?

To act as a trustee of the charity in carrying out the wishes of the cfounder as expressed in his will of 1713, by formulation of policy, selection of beneficiaries by interview and oversight of investment of capital.

How often are the meetings held, venue and time?

Twice per year, or as requried. Trustess are also called upon, from time to time, to interview applicants for grants.

What skills/experience/interests would be desirable from the Council’s representative?

An interest in further education.

What arrangements are in place to indemnify board members against the risk of personal liability?

None by resolution of the Trustees.

Any other information the Organisation wishes to add

There are, under the charity's governing scheme, 12 trustees: 4 represent the churches of Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells; one is appointed by the County Council; 2 by each of the Borough Councils; and 3 are noinated by the Trust iteself.


Contact information

Mr Tony Corbett

Our representatives