Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Harry Allen960
Councillor Rodney Atkins850
Councillor Gavin Barrass970
Councillor Paul Barrington-King760
Councillor Godfrey Bland11100
Councillor Martin Brice661
Councillor Alex Britcher-Allan1070
Councillor Ben Chapelard872
Councillor Paul Curry651
Councillor Tom Dawlings11101
Councillor Mark Ellis1190
Councillor Andy Fairweather770
Councillor Wendy Fitzsimmons1380
Councillor John Francis12110
Councillor Lance Goodship870
Councillor Christopher Hall13110
Councillor David Hayward880
Councillor Dianne Hill1290
Councillor Seán Holden611
Councillor Jamie Johnson1170
Councillor David Knight1291
Councillor Brendon Le Page11100
Councillor Alain Lewis12110
Councillor Peter Lidstone1090
Councillor Jane March650
Councillor Steve McMillan13110
Councillor Raymond Moon1080
Councillor Marguerita Morton1081
Councillor Mark Munday11100
Councillor Ellen Neville13132
Councillor Siobhan O'Connell13121
Councillor Joe Opara1050
Councillor David Osborne13111
Councillor Ms Beverley Palmer1080
Councillor Hugh Patterson880
Councillor Nicholas Pope16112
Councillor Hugo Pound11107
Councillor Paul Roberts12120
Councillor Shadi Rogers960
Councillor Justine Rutland12121
Councillor Matthew Sankey1090
Councillor Jayne Sharratt11110
Councillor Suzanne Wakeman990
Councillor Nancy Warne11101
Councillor Alison Webster981
Councillor Victoria White13110
Councillor Pamela Wilkinson11100
Councillor Rob Wormington1090